We’re every bit as hardcore about environmental and social responsibility as we are about design. This makes for high-performance engineered hardwood that looks beautiful, does right by the world and contributes to multiple LEED credits. Hand-selected and expertly crafted, each plank is a multi-tasking work of art. It’s hardwood that’s engineered with the texture, finish and core materials to enhance your space while performing to its fullest.

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Sustainable Manufacturing

Sustainable manufacturing processes are at the core of Shaw Contract hardwood products. We employ innovative methods for waste and emissions reduction, as well as industry-leading conservation efforts.

Using a rotary technique, the entire log is peeled for the greatest yield. Any waste that that can not be repurposed into products, is used as fuel, sold to other manufacturers, or used for landscaping mulch. Responsible logging is practiced to ensure regrowth rates that exceed harvesting rates so visual impact on the environment is reduced, and animal habitats are protected.


Made with 100 percent post industrial recycled content, EnviroCore is constructed of densely compressed wood fibers that would otherwise be burned or put into landfills. Bonded in a nondirectional construction, this tough inner core provides unsurpassed structural integrity, impact resistance and moisture tolerance. Combined with veneers made exclusively from logs harvested according to sound forestry practices, EnviroCore is real wood flooring made greener.

Cradle to Cradle Certification

We offer the only Cradle to Cradle Silver Certified hardwood available specifically for commercial environments. Cradle to Cradle is a third-party certification ensuring that our hardwood meets some of the world’s most rigorous standards for human and environmental health and safety, including an ingredient analysis down to 100 parts per million.

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FSC Certification

Shaw is working with the Forest Stewardship Council – United States (FSC) and the National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA) to increase the available timber land that is certified through FSC, which will increase the flooring industry’s access to FSC certified hardwood. We currently offer products using FSC certified hardwood as custom orders and participate in NWFA’s Responsible Procurement Program, a valid, stepwise approach toward FSC certification.

The Prison Industry Enterprise Program

By employing prison inmates to handcraft certain hardwood projects, Shaw is contributing toward victims’ restitution while decreasing the likelihood of inmate recidivism. Through this voluntary program, inmates earn wages that are apportioned by each participating state for victims’ restitution, room and board, inmate savings, family allocation and spending. Not only have many inmates been successfully employed after their release, but the likelihood of an inmate returning to prison after release drops to 11 percent. When compared to the national average of 68 percent, we know that this is the right way to make a difference for society at large. With the ability to control the amount of jobs sent through the program, Shaw has the flexibility to tackle the labor intensive hand-scraping portion of the process without interfering with operations at its civilian facilities. By teaching these inmates a valuable skill, Shaw is helping to transform lives for the better.

LEED Certification

Shaw Contract hardwood products are manufactured with safe and healthy ingredients and have reduced environmental impact across the entire lifecycle of our product. From Cradle to Cradle and FSC certification to an annual GRI-compliant corporate sustainability report, our hardwood products contribute to multiple LEED credits.


All Shaw Contract hardwood features a commercial-grade finish with added aluminum oxide for long-term performance. And, a better performing product will last longer, which reduces the energy and raw material required to manufacture new product.

Shaw Contract’s hardwood line contains two constructions, each featuring a core that adds superior hardness: 1/2” or 3/8” engineered with Premium Hardwood Core, or 3/8” Engineered with EviroCore™. Our engineered products are harder than solid woods, providing greater resistance to damage. For instance, Shaw engineered oak is 40 percent harder than solid oak products.

The hardness of inner layers of engineered products is important and plays a part in a product’s wear in high traffic areas. Shaw uses only oak or harder species to construct all three core layers in our 5 ply hardwoods. Shaw’s EnviroCore is an ultra high density fiberboard that adds strength and stability to each plank.

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