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Corporate Sustainability

With every material, every process, every action, we are creating a better future.

This holistic approach to sustainability is guided by our commitment to Cradle to Cradle principles and a comprehensive focus on material health, material reutilization, energy, water and social responsibility.

It begins with smart design. Driven by market insights, our products are designed to be as sustainable as they are beautiful. By designing with the end in mind, we carefully consider the ingredient materials that go into each of our products to ensure they are durable and safe – for people and the planet; on the floors of homes, businesses, hospitals, and schools throughout the world; and at the end of our flooring’s useful life.

We are committed to transparently sharing information with our stakeholders through this report, on our labeling and websites, and within our other communications.

View the 2015 Shaw Industries Group, Inc. Corporate Sustainability Report