Professional Services

Refined luxury. Sophistication. Beautiful design makes an impression. It is a statement of what you do, who you represent, what you aspire to be. We service the Professional Services market with our most elegant designs that add to the high-end aesthetic that is being created within a space.

Featured Installations

Design is continuous. Design is always evolving. Shaw Contract celebrates design innovation by evaluating its products and incorporating innovations that capture the desire and purpose of our customers. Visit the Design section to learn more about our designers and capabilities.

Here are a few instances of innovative features that set Shaw Contract apart:

  • Take Eco Solution Q nylon, for example. When we first offered Eco Solution Q, it represented a breakthrough in that we could completely recycle this performance yarn. Yet, the color palette was initially limited. Now, with over 200 colors, ranging from bright, saturated colors to a full spectrum of neutrals, Eco Solution Q continues to evolve and grow. Our Design Lab experience has also pushed our fiber development, leading to new capabilities that create a metallic impression.
  • Our custom design capabilities are an asset to Professional Services customers, allowing them to brand a space with their own flair or expand on one of our already existing designs. Shaw Custom Design can help you achieve your vision.
  • Shaw designers make special efforts to coordinate new collections with existing products, creating an abundance of products that work well together. Colors and patterns playfully intermingle for endless design options. Front of house and executive areas coordinate with more traditional workplace environments.
  • Our environmental vision is a story of design innovation. High performance cradle-to-cradle products like EcoWorx present completely recyclable solutions for all market segments. Visit our Environmental section to learn more.
  • The Shaw Contract Design Is... Award program celebrates the design process, not just the carpet on the floor. We want to honor your design achievements by promoting the best projects each year.