Inspiration is Everywhere

No new pattern or design arrives fully formed. Process is the vital path toward a successful idea. Sketching is an essential tool—layering technique, craft and creativity together, freeing the imagination to arrive at inspiration. Reimagining the floor is part of a rigorous design process, with each idea examined from multiple angles and experimented in shape and form then placed in artistic and cultural context to allow new patterns to emerge. Inspiration is everywhere.

Each studio focuses on a unique market segment researching the context and challenges that each represents to provide bespoke solutions that constantly push the boundaries of what design can do.

"I crave the simplicity of things. I'm inspired by the craft."

Reesie Duncan, VP, Global Design

"Why not make the world more beautiful?"

Maria Scott, Design Director, Shaw Hospitality

"Good design is knowing the process."

Marcy Ewing, Director of Global Design

"Seeing how ideas take shape is my favorite part of the design."

Ashley Ginn, Design Director, Healthcare 

The Making of

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