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Holistic Healing Environments

Flooring provides critical support for the environments where we heal in Australia. At Shaw Contract, we aim to make a Smarter Impact by advancing our understanding of all that contributes to healing – from colour to acoustics, infection control to glare reduction.

How Can Flooring Improve Patient Outcomes in Australia?

In Healthcare, flooring provides critical support and performance for a wide range of specialised environments, from the operating room to the waiting room. Shaw Contract serves the segment as a committed partner, with unrivalled expertise and a dedicated portfolio of solution-driven products.

Responsible manufacturing begins with our product development process that considers the well-being of patients and staff in healthcare environments. For the comfort and wellbeing of patients, we use the principles of biophilic design to develop products that have a positive impact on people.

MSK Bergen by EwingCole

Evidence-Based Design

Evidence-based design highlights the improvement in the patient experience when natural elements are integrated in the built environment. Flooring is a tool that architects and designers use to forge a deeper connection to our physical relationship with the natural environment.

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Healthcare Categories


Our Healthcare segment provides solutions for:

Acute Care

Ambulatory Care

Behavioural Health

Medical Office Buildings

Healthcare Collections

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Explore the Vitality collection.

Find out more about Terasu and other heterogeneous sheet products.

Learn more about Inhabit and other LVT collections.

Living Systems and other carpet tile collections can transform your healthcare spaces.

Our broadloom collections offer you wall-to-wall comfort underfoot.


Solutions for Health 

and Well-Being

We design using the Cradle to Cradle® philosophy to focus on material health, material reutilization, renewable energy, and carbon management. (link to healthcare w/out harm)

Installing our polish-optional LVT or sheet eliminates the need for stripping and waxing, keeping spaces operational during maintenance and cleaning. (link to technical pages)

With polish-optional resilient to carpet and hard surface that requires no transitions, our human-centric products are designed with safety in mind.


Featuring Hexagon Collection

Baxter Park Medical Centre by Cooper Group

The new Baxter Park Medical Centre has been designed in such a way that it provides space for additional doctors or allied services in the future depending on the needs of the neighbourhood. 


Photography by Mark Dadswell


Featuring Hexagon Collection

Bendigo Medical by Medifit

The Design brief was for a vibrant, open, friendly and professional environment that also provided high levels of safety, security and privacy. 


Photography by Medifit Pty Ltd

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