re[TURN] Reclamation Program

We want it back.

At the end of its useful life, we will reclaim and recycle EcoWorx®, ReWorx® and Shaw Manufactured Resilient, at no cost to you*. Other Commercial Carpet Types can be recycled at a cost. 

Since 2006, we have recycled 450,000,000 kg of post-consumer carpet reducing landfill waste through our re[TURN] Reclamation Program.

We are continually looking for new solutions to the technical, economic and logistical challenges to creating a more circular economy. We strive for safe and circular solutions through research and development, industry partnerships, academic research and other innovation.




EcoWorx + ReWorx + Shaw Manufactured Resilient (LVT + SPC)

Through our ENVIRONMENTAL GUARANTEE Shaw pledges to transport and recycle EcoWorx, ReWorx and Shaw manufactured resilient flooring within Australia at no cost.

*Required Minimums by product type:
EcoWorx - 84 square metres (100 square yards)
ReWorx - 418 square metres (500 square yards)
Shaw Manufactured Resilient - 464 square metres (5,000 square feet)

Other Commercial Carpet Types

Other commercial carpet types can be recycled at a cost. To be eligible to be an externally recycled reclamation, the project must be:
-Minimum of 418 square metres (500 square yards)
-Associated with a replacement order through Shaw in the same or greater quantity
-Located within Australia

Upon receipt of the reclamation project request, Shaw re[TURN] reclamation will determine the best recycling option for the material and submit a proposal for customer approval as soon as possible. The project cost will be direct billed to the existing Shaw customer account on a separate invoice.

Explore Our Process

Carbon Impact?

Our recycling processing facilities are in Georgia, USA. 

As a large enterprise there are economies of scale to having a specialised, centralised facility for the processing of all recycling material.

This is also allows for easier reclamation from other sources such as production waste from our local manfacturing in the USA.

Material to be recycled is collected from around Australia and shipped back to the USA by the sea container. 

In the LCA of our products, the carbon impact of transportation (which includes the transportation from Australia back to the USA) is in the decimal places.

This is not where the carbon impact happens. 

The most carbon intensive part in the LCA of our products is raw material extraction, representing 60% of the carbon footprint of our EcoWorx® products. 

If we can get the product back, we bypass the need for new raw material extraction, saving that 60%.