IOBAC MagTabs™

Simple Adhesive-Free Installation

Circular Flooring, Made Easy


IOBAC MagTabs™ enable Shaw Contract carpet tiles to be installed adhesive free to metal raised access floors. It is a new option for installing Shaw Contract flooring products that contributes to a Cradle-to-Cradle way of thinking and a shift to a Circular Economy approach.

A robust option that enables easy re-use


Mag Tabs™ adhesive-free installation facilitates flooring reuse as it ensures both the floor covering and sub-floor are left clean and contamination-free on uplift, saving both Waste & Costs

In contrast, flooring products installed using adhesive-based methods can end up in landfill after one use as adhesive residue and contamination hinders recyclability.

Dimensional Hold


Dimensional Hold: Not only are tiles held together horizontally as per conventional floating floor solutions, but due to magnetic attraction, MagTabs™ also enable a strong grip in the vertical direction, ensuring tiles are secured well in place until the time comes to uplift them.

Dual Grip technology 


Dual Grip technology: MT4+MagTabs incorporate IOBAC’s patented Dual Grip technology which combines dry-tack adhesion with magnetism for phenomenal grab in the highest of footfall areas.

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