Ambition 1. Material Health

Material Health is the framework and process to ensure that a product is made from ingredients that are “safe and healthy to humans and the environment.”

For more than 20 years, we have invested in material health with our EcoWorx® PVC-free carpet tile backing, the first flooring product to be Cradle to Cradle Certified®. Our TaskWorx® and ComfortWorx® and EcoWorx S™ backings are also Cradle to Cradle Certified.

we manufacture are Cradle to Cradle Certified®

kgs of materials assessed for Material Health annually.

Awarded to TaskWorx® and ComfortWorx™ and EcoWorx S™ carpet tiles by Eurofins.

All of our resilient LVT products are ortho-phthalate-free and FloorScore® certified.


Air quality - Indoor Air Comfort Gold

We are meeting demands for good Indoor Air Quality 

An increasing number of developers, interior architects and designers are looking for products certified for good indoor air quality when selecting materials and finishes for projects. As we spend more than 90% indoors, indoor air quality is recognised as a critical factor in health and wellbeing for building occupants.


Indoor Air Comfort Gold Certification ensures that low product emission requirements are fulfilled and are a sign of a manufacturers focus on quality and contribution to a healthy indoor environment. We are proud to have achieved this certification across our TaskWorx and ComfortWorx products.

Certified GOLD products are those with the best-in-class low emissions, thus meeting stringent demands for good indoor air quality. But what is Indoor Air Comfort Gold?

Administered by Eurofins, an international group of laboratories headquartered in Luxembourg, Eurofins "Indoor Air Comfort" (IAC) product certification is a well-established tool to show compliance of a product with low VOC emissions criteria set out in Europe.

Standard level "Indoor Air Comfort - certified product" shows compliance of product emissions with the criteria of all legal specifications issued by authorities in the European Union and its Member States.

Higher level "Indoor Air Comfort GOLD - certified product" shows additional compliance of product emissions with the criteria of many of the voluntary specifications issued by most relevant Ecolabels and similar specifications in the UK and EU and requirements for sustainable building certifications, for example BREEAM, WELL Building and LEED

Why is it important?

The certification helps to promote low emitting products and shows compliance with all relevant VOC-related requirements in the UK and Europe (governmental and voluntary). Indoor Air Comfort Gold certificates are directly accepted as proof from programmes for sustainable buildings like BREEAM International, WELL, and LEED

Which schemes does Indoor Air Comfort Gold apply to?

Very low emitting products according to EN 16798-1. EN 16798-1 specifies requirements for indoor environmental parameters for thermal environment, indoor air quality, lighting and acoustics.

Compliance with Indoor Air Comfort Gold means compliance with VOC on low emitting products of:

Belgium regulation, France – VOC class A+

Germany – AgBB/ABG

BREEAM International, BREEAM NOR, BREEAM NL, (BRE Environmental Building Scheme)

SKA Rating (UK Fit Out/Refurbishment Environmental Scheme)

French HQE certification (French Environmental Building Scheme)

Italian CAM Edilizia

BVB Sweden (Swedish Material/Product Register)

Eco Product Norway

DGNB (German Environmental Building Scheme)

GUT (Gemeinschaft umweltfreundlicher Teppichboden e.V. /European Association of Environmental Carpet)

Nordic Swan: Product register of products that reduce environmental impact

M1 Finland

Danish Indoor Climate Label


The scheme includes testing in test chamber after 3 and 28 days, and also includes inspection of production site(s) factory production control.

Specifications / criteria and procedures to obtain Indoor Air Comfort or Indoor Air Comfort Gold certificates can be found here:

Specifications / criteria and procedures in English, version 7.0

(last edit: May 2020)

Certified products are listed on Eurofins webpage