ComfortWorx™ is our innovative backing system designed for the EMEA region, offering exceptional acoustic and underfoot performance to enhance occupant comfort. 

Why specify our ComfortWorx™ carpet tiles? 

Occupant health and wellbeing is a critical consideration for productive environments where we can work, learn and collaborate successfully. Sound can negatively impact building occupants. Our ComfortWorx™ tiles were designed to provide improved impact sound reduction and improved sound absorption over standard carpet tile and hard surfaces. 

✓    Improved Acoustic Performance: Impact Noise 

✓    Improved Acoustic Performance: Sound Absorption 

✓    Comfort Underfoot

✓    ComfortWorx ®is Cradle-to Cradle Bronze certified 

✓     90% recycled content backing 

✓     Matrix pad made from 90% recycled PET bottles.  

✓     Average EC3/GWP score: 5.1 kg CO2/m² 

✓     100% recycled yarn 

    Air Comfort Gold® certified 

✓     15 Year warranty 

✓     Made in carbon neutral factory. 


ComfortWorx™ Construction

ComfortWorx™ Carpet Tile (Modular) is a backing system made of polymer-modified bitumen, laminated with a recycled fibre matrix pad containing 90% post-consumer material. It provides sound insulating and underfoot comfort properties, and has a fibreglass reinforcing layer.


Closing the loop

ComfortWorx™ products are part of our Re[TURN] reclamation programme.   

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