EcoWorx S™

As part of Shaw Contract’s ongoing commitment to combat Carbon impact, EcoWorx S™ is our new light weight innovative backing system for EMEA, made from high performance polyolefin plastomer, Closed Loop Recyclable, bitumen free. 

Why specify EcoWorx S™ carpet tiles?

✓     EcoWork S™ is Cradle-to-Cradle Certified® at the Silver Level and closed loop recyclable.
✓      It is bitumen free, optimised for low embodied carbon and carbon neutral.  
✓      It is the first carpet tile in the world together with EcoWorx®  to obtain Works with Well™ mark, making it easy for product specifiers  to select products that contribute to achieving a certain well certification requirement.
✓     Indoor Air Comfort Gold certified®, Conform to the highest Eurofins standards.
✓     Weighs 50% less than traditional carpet tile – creating carbon reductions in transport and increasing efficiency in installation.
✓     15 year warranty & Environmental guarantee

✓     Low VOCs – meeting the requirements for Green Label Plus certification. Contributes to LEED 2009 and v4.
✓     Embodied Carbon (EPD Calculation A1-A3): 4.91 kg CO2 e/m2
✓     26-28 bd sound impact


Closing the loop

Re[Turn] reclamation programme

At the end of its natural life EcoWorx S becomes the raw material for its own production. The entire carpet tile can be returned to Shaw Contract as part of our re[TURN] reclamation programme meaning when you send it back, you are contributing to a closed loop circular lifecycle.

EcoWorx S™ Construction

EcoWorx S™ is an innovative high performance polyolefin plastomer backing designed for enhanced durability and to perform in high-demand environments.


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