Fibre is a key factor in carpet performance, and at Shaw, we take full responsibility for the quality of the finished products we deliver. This is why we manufacture the fibre used in our carpets.

Because we control the entire process, from sourcing the raw materials for fibre pellets to fibre extrusion, and from designing to manufacturing, we provide high-performance flooring products for commercial spaces without compromising on design, or the health of people and the


Nylon Fibre 

 At Shaw, we extrude our own nylon 6  solution dyed fibre in the carpets that we manufacture. Nylon fibre is used for its superior resilience, colorfastness, ease of maintenance and ability to be dyed. In comparision to other Nylon fibre, Nylon 6 allows for better quality control, it is easier to recycle, and it uses less energy and water to produce so it is more sustainable. 


EcoSolution Q100™ Nylon

EcoSolution Q100™ is a high performance 100% recycled content nylon fiber*. Products with EcoSolution Q100™ have low embodied carbon and are carbon neutral.


Dyeing Methods 

Dyeing is the process of colouring fibre, yarn, or carpet, and the colour can be added at various stages of the manufacturing process. At Shaw Contract, we utilise Solution Dyeing during the fibre development process, and Yarn Dyeing before the carpet is tufted. 
With Solution Dyeing, the pigment is incorporated into the melted polymer before it is extruded, meaning the colour is an inherent part of the yarn itself. As a result, the yarn in Shaw Contract carpet tiles delivers outstanding colourfastness; it is highly resistant to damage when treated with cleaning agents and is environmentally friendly because it uses minimal water and energy. 
With Yarn Dyeing, the yarn is immersed in a dye bath or the dye is applied topically, offering extraordinary colour flexibility and effects, as seen in our Dye Lab collection. 


EcoSolution Q™ Fibre 

EcoSolution Q is a supremely strong and durable carpet fibre, engineered to reduce the visibility of dirt and soil while retaining colour and appearance. Durability combined with more than 200 colour options from vibrant hues to subtle neutrals, makes Eco Solution Q the versatile, sustainable solution. 

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Explore carpet tile collections 

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Return Reclamation programme 

We want it back. Shaw Contract recycle EcoSolution Q 100™ and EcoSolution Q™ carpet tile through our re[TURN] program.