Material Circularity & Reuse



Of the millions of tonnes of construction and demolition waste created annually, only a tiny percentage is reused.

Material reuse sits higher than recycling on the waste hierarchy as it reduces the need for new products and their associated embodied carbon emissions

Using traditional adhesive-based flooring installation methods can hinder material reuse, since it’s difficult to separate the flooring and sub-floor cleanly and without damage at the end of an installation. 

The sub-floor often needs expensive cleaning before it can be used again and the ability to reuse and/or recycle of the floor covering is impaired.

The Modern Method of Flooring Installation



Our preferred installation method of adhesive-free IOBAC MagTabs® and Tab-It® is a reversible fixing mechanism that enables Shaw Contract EMEA carpet and Luxury Vinyl tiles to be cleanly uplifted, ready to be reused elsewhere.

We are the only flooring manufacturer to provide an industry-first 2nd location warranty which gives peace of mind that our products can be reused without compromising performance, future-proofing your specification.

By considering what’s below the surface of our flooring, and promoting the importance of its installation method, we’re bringing a holistic and practical approach to managing the flooring lifecycle.

✓ Uplifted floor tiles are uncontaminated – giving them an extended life via reuse or recycling

✓ Independent whole life embodied carbon modelling shows up to 80% carbon savings with adhesive-free installation

✓ 2nd life warranty for peace of mind and a futureproofed specification

✓ Health & Wellbeing - VOCs associated with adhesives eliminated
✓ Earn credits towards sustainability accreditations such as BREEAM and LEEDS

✓ IOBAC reversible fixing mechanisms allow easy separation of Shaw Contract carpet and LVT from sub-floor

✓ Design flexibility - easier repurposing of assets for agile, adaptable spaces

✓ Ease of separation aids tracking of assets for Material Bank processes

✓ Combine Shaw Contract carpet tiles and LVT in one design using same adhesive-free installation method

✓ Sub-floors undamaged, saving on remedial and dilapidation costs

✓ Placed at corners of the flooring tile, IOBAC Tabs cover only 4% of floor, compared to adhesive and friction-based backings which require 100%

✓ Saving weight, and carbon and cost in the transport and disposal process

✓ Easy access, repair and maintenance

Embodied Carbon Savings - An example



Independent whole-life embodied carbon modelling* compared the carbon footprint of carpet adhesive vs IOBAC MagTabs® and IOBAC Tab-It® across modules A-D, from first install, to uplift and material reuse.

When compared like-for-like, the modelling demonstrated that IOBAC Tabs represent up to 80% carbon saving vs the adhesive alternative.



Significant carbon savings can be made in Module D since MagTabs can be reused.

Similar results can be seen when the model is applied across the whole flooring system, since adhesive-free installation enables both the floor covering and sub-floor to be reused, saving on additional embodied carbon.

Sustainability Credentials

Sustainability certification schemes such as LEED and BREEAM recognise this contribution to embodied carbon saving with credits awarded for material efficiency, reuse and waste reduction.




Interior Life-Cycle Impact Reduction

Option 1. Interior furniture and Nonstructural Elements Reuse ( 1-3 points) 

Points awarded according to % furniture and interior systems reused (by cost) eg 40% reuse earns 3 points

Option 2. Design for Flexibility and Disassembly (1-2 points)

Points for incorporating elements that facilitate space flexibility and disassembly of components

For 1 point: design at least 50% of the interior space with accessible and demountable systems for both the floor and ceiling assemblies that allow for easy reconfiguration and access

Source: LEED



Mat 01: Life Cycle Impacts

Up to 6 credits for the reuse of materials

Mat 06: Material efficiency

1 credit for material use optimisation

e.g. "Floor coverings: can existing floor coverings be reused on or off-site?"

Wst 01: Waste Management

Up to 7 credits for reduction of waste

e.g. for used carpet tiles

•3 points for on-site reuse of original carpet tiles
•2 points for off-site reuse on other projects
•1 point for direct recycling via a manufacturer

Wst 06: Functional Adaptability

1 credit for measures accomodating future changes

e.g. Use of systems which allow easy replacement

Source: BREEAM UK Refurbishment and fit-out 2014

Warrantied Performance

Shaw Contract EMEA is the only flooring manufacturer to offer:

•       A 15 year warranty when IOBAC Tabs are used with Shaw Contract carpet tiles and Luxury Vinyl Tiles
       A 2nd location warranty enabling reuse of flooring, saving carbon and costs
•       The warranty continues even if Shaw Contract carpet tiles are re-used in a second location and new IOBAC Tabs are required to adhere the carpet or the LVT in that second location. 

Health & Wellbeing



✓ Using IOBAC Tabs removes all VOCs related to traditional flooring installation adhesives and sealants.  All IOBAC products are 100% solid adhesive or contain plant-based resin.

✓Indoor Air Quality is improved for both flooring contractors and building occupants, contributing towards the WELL certification goal for clean indoor air.

✓ Independent testing has confirmed that IOBAC MagTabs comply with the “Exemplary” criteria on VOC emissions for BREEAM and exceeded all points for LEED specification

✓ Installation is quick and odour-free with no drying time required. Subsequent uplift is clean and contamination-free, meaning harmful cleaning and removal processes are not required.

Case Studies & References

IOBAC has the correct ethos and attributes of circular thinking by substituting adhesives that have a significant environmental impact with fully recoverable MagTabs which do not damage the asset to be preserved - in this case the flooring surface.

Dr Asif Din, Sustainability Director,