Case study- Dye lab, off the grid

Dye Lab and Off The Grid provide subtle design solution

The Dropbox Office




Located in the heart of Tel Aviv, the Dropbox Office was designed by Setter Architects with contracting firm A. Weiss Construction. It showcases Shaw Contract's Dye Lab and Off The Grid carpet tile collections, supplied by our Aligned Dealer B.A.S - Building & Architectural Services.

The design inspiration for this workspace stems from the clean and simple geometry that characterises the city's architectural lines with colourful elements drawn from the city's entertainment places and markets, as well as its unique street art. As for the colour palette and materials for the project, the client's brief was to incorporate extensive white surfaces with elegant and delicate materials that provide a platform for colourful elements and art throughout the office.

In the open plan space, Dye Lab in colour Sumac was specified to create a quiet monochromatic look and the elegant and unpredictable visual of these carpet tiles also added a sense of artistic space to inspire creativity and innovation.

Eye-catching textures from the Off The Grid collection in style Discover and colour Ridge were specified for the conference rooms, providing a nuanced, neutral toned flooring option which complements the walls painted in bold colours. This collection was also used in the game and music room, decorated with a colourful graphic design which was inspired by the graffiti of the southern part of the city.

Photo Credit: Uzi Porat

Artwork: Hube Studio