Biophilia in action. Building a bond with natural elements.

When a well-known German-headquartered engineering MNC wanted to set up its new office in Pune, an industrialised city in western India, they relied on Transitions Designs to deliver a workspace that matched their quest for perfection, while being true to the ethos of the city..


The Material Matters Collection


A sense of being one with nature is fundamental to well-being. The objective was to create a visually pleasant workspace that generates positive energy and enhances productivity through Biophilia - the science of drawing nature’s elements into indoor spaces.  

The pleasant grey colours and patterns of the Material Matters collection have the immediate effect of calming the mind and reducing stress. The soft, yet tough tile material contributes to tactile underfoot comfort.  

The floor tiles amplify natural sunlight and bring a pleasant glow to the workspace, while ensuring a distinct character to each space in the vast office. 

A sense of being one with nature 

Biophilia - the science of drawing nature’s elements into indoor spaces



Result: An immersive, experiential, and transformational workspace

The MNC’s new office in Pune is a worthy new addition to the company’s infrastructure breadth. 

While design perfection is indeed the hallmark, the new workspace has an earthy local touch, while enhancing concentration, attentiveness, and cognitive functions, all leading up to great productivity. 

Being a post-pandemic workspace, it achieves the same level of social connectedness as before and reduces loneliness. 

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Establish Tile - Assembly Collection

Material Matters Collection

Blur the line between hard form and imperceptible shape. Iridescent striations wind through patterns solid and atmospheric, luminous and smoky. Delicate tonal highlights shimmer across textures of crisp linen, cement slab, and vapour swirls. Elements converge in Material Matters, a collection in 18x36 and 24x24.

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