Shaw Contract Design Awards 2023: Featuring Living Systems Collection. Designed by By M Moser Design Associates (Mumbai India).

A trendy and edgy workspace for a century-old media giant

Mumbai, India



The client's legacy

The client is a one of the world's most renowned media companies present in every type of media — print, video and film, digital, audio and social.

Founded in 1909, the media house has undergone many a transformation and widened its reach through technological innovation and by fully leveraging the global infrastructure built for over a century.

The publishing house has since grown to become a benchmark of publishing quality and known across the globe. With a footprint of more than 1 billion consumers in 32 markets through print, digital, video and social platforms, the media giant is home to some of the world’s most iconic brands.


Design framework: The brand as a celebration

The client's headquarters are located at the iconic One World Trade Center in Manhattan and has offices all over the world.

Its new office in Mumbai, India too had to reflect the same iconic signature. That was the simple brief to the design firm appointed for the project - MMoser Design Associates (Mumbai, India). The objective was to create a trendy new office environment that reflected the vibrant and innovative ethos of the client.

MMoser’s team embarked on a grand plan that would create a fresh, seamless and timeless office landscape for the client. The intent was to celebrate the core and global market position of the client.


Execution: Fusion of creativity and energy

As planned, the design team curated a work environment that fulfilled many requirements expected of the new workspace.

The fresh office was a spring well from which would emerge opportunities, support different workstyles and business functions, personalise work preferences, facilitate group collaborations, and above all importantly, foster creativity.

All through the design plan and execution, brand prowess of the client stood out. The apt vocabulary adopted by the design team helped in achieving the intended results. 


Net result: Legacy brand with a fresh look

The final output was dramatic. The impact is revealed in the play of monotones in shades of grey, and well-balanced timber tones.

The media giant’s new office is bold, vibrant and truly global, celebrating its brand standing as deserved.

Shaw Contract thanks M Moser Design Associates, Mumbai for choosing Shaw Contract floor tiles for this project. 


• Design: M Moser Design Associates, Mumbai.

• Project Location: Mumbai, India