Shaw Contract Design Awards 2023: Featuring Mindful Play collection. By OSTRACA.

Earth. Water. Fire. And an elementally futuristic workspace.

 Chennai, India



The client

The client is an MNC giant with business interests in Information Technology and Business Process Services with trend-setting offices around the world.

Its offices across many geographies are known for their design aesthetic and attention to employee comfort and mindfulness.  

The company had taken up a multi-floored building with a large atrium and vast open spaces in the suburbs of Chennai for the new India office.

The client expected a design that could do justice to the ample natural elements surrounding the building, and yet deliver a workspace that met the functional needs of the organization.


Design framework: Plotting nature on a blank canvas

OSTRACA, a Bangalore-based architecture and interior design firm bagged the coveted project.

For Ms. VIjaya Bhargavi, co-founder of OSTRACA, it was an immensely exciting opportunity what with the wide open spaces. It was like a blank canvas.

Vijaya got her team to brainstorm and run free with imagination while maintaining client demands in sharp focus.

Based on the visual, tonal and spatial needs, the design team chose Shaw Contract's Mindful Play collection for the flooring application in the office.  


Execution: Whole is bigger than the sum of parts

The ideation eventually led to a plan that is an amalgam of Community/Social spaces, Multi-functional workspaces, and Agile workspaces.

The challenge was in combining these different thoughts into a pleasant and welcoming environment. Accordingly, the plan is translated as follows:

Community/Social spaces:

* Central atrium with amphitheatre seating: Providing space for socio-cultural gatherings while ensuring visual and design connectivity between all the floors and circulation paths.

* Landmark areas: Social and collaborative spaces intersected with formal cubicles at all the work floors, with an overriding theme of Earth, Water and Fire.


Multi-functional workspaces:

Garages and Work cafés: These spaces were specially created to address the needs of floating workforce and flexible work environments. They have been placed with the atrium to create a feeling of continuous connectivity.

Agile Workspaces:

These are open work spaces with a private work area and focus zones with scope for meetings and collaborations.

These workspaces have been designed such that they allow maximum daylight into the main work areas, while the other areas are used for inclusive collaborations and huddling.


Net result: A place to work, collaborate and socialise 

The impressive new office is a landmark departure from the boxy offices that dot Chennai.

The monumental atrium is the first welcome to the employees, followed by a spaces that facilitate work social connections, and exchange of ideas. It is a space that is complete in its own while addressing all organizational needs.

Shaw Contract thanks OSTRACA for choosing to become the flooring partner in this prestigious project. 

• Design: OSTRACA

• Project Location: Chennai, India