Shaw Contract Design Awards 2023: Featuring Haven and Floor Architecture collections. Designed by Interics Design Consultants.

Mountains, coasts, forests, and a prestigious software company

 Pune, India




Design inspiration can come from anywhere. For Interics Design Consultants – tasked with designing the interiors of the new facility of a prestigious software company - it came from the environment we inhabit. 

The client, headquartered in Pune, is among the Top-10 software exporters in India and is a sought-after employer for youngsters. As a fast-growing, public-limited company, it has multiple development centers, and the new one at Hinjawadi, Pune (the subject of this profile) was taken to accommodate its expanding workforce.   

The brief for the design firm was to create an interior environment that could inspire peak productivity and a pleasant feeling. For Interics, this was an opportunity to reiterate its reputation as a creative company that can come up with strikingly original concepts.

The stage was set for an interesting combination of expertise and materials to deliver an output as demanded by the client.


Design Framework

Having firmed up the theme of “Nature”, Interics’ team went about identifying the design elements that would signify the Coast, Forest, Mountain, and Space. The concept was about recreating the experiential joy of these four forces of nature through the building. Each floor would have a custom design that reflected the individual theme, from the floor to the ceiling.

The first floor had coast as the theme, conveyed through blue and green shades, evokes the feelings of being on a beach. The second floor reflected the forest through rich greens and appropriate touches. A rugged terrain look on the third floor underlined the mountain theme.

All this was topped by the space theme on the fourth floor where a vast open area spoke of the mystery in the cosmos. The entire space across the four floors comprised work areas, social spaces, conference rooms, training zones, and the cafeteria.


Executing the vision

The most important aspect of the design was sharp execution. The look had to ensure a sharp and aesthetic representation of the idea. Apart from geometric, laser-cut design elements, the team utilised ample natural sunlight and biophilic elements to maximise the experience.

The flooring was the most important element of the concept, as it had to support the design concept and transition between floors. The team narrowed down on suitable colours and styles from Shaw Contract’s Haven and Floor Architecture collections for the authentic credence they would add to the chosen themes.

Net result: A visually stunning, highly functional, and fluidic workplace that facilitates productivity, positivity, and professional fulfillment. And a dynamic and captivating journey through nature, within the self-contained building!

• Design: Interics Design Consultants

• Project Location: Pune, India