Shaw Contract Design Awards 2023: Featuring Living Systems and Floor Architecture Collections. Designed by Zyeta.

Restraint as a design element to infuse calm and tranquility

 Bengaluru, India



The client's sensibility 

Every committed Interior Designer strives to deliver an outcome that conveys the client’s sensibilities. In this case, the client is Japan's largest financial group, and its latest outpost in Bengaluru, India reveals the country’s famed minimalism and practicality.

Zyeta, the design firm chosen for the project, was very particular that the essence of the design had to shine through. The core concept was to create room for appreciation and contemplation, inviting users to meaningfully engage with their surroundings.

By embracing restraint in design, the new workspace could evoke timeless beauty, sophistication, and balance. It would encourage a deep connection between users and the space, promoting a sense of serenity and clarity.


Design framework: Kanso, Seijaku, Shizen, and Shibumi

Inspired by the Japanese principles of Kanso (simplicity), Seijaku (bring stillness inside), Shizen (naturalness), and Shibumi (elegance), Zyeta’s team wanted to imbue the new space with a story, inviting users to explore and experience the new workplace.

The design intent was to craft a space that seamlessly blended the tranquility of a Zen garden with the functionality of a modern, activity-based work environment.

Each element was carefully chosen to suit unique working styles. These included privacy pods, mobile video screens, acoustic dividers, and adaptable furniture systems. 


Execution: Where restraint becomes a work of art.

The design framework addressed important human-centric aspects like the emotional, physical, and intelligence quotient of the users. This was accomplished through:

1. Activity-based working: Bifurcating workspaces among zones for focused work, collaboration, socializing, and relaxation.

2. Sustainability:  Usage of low carbon impact, Biophilic, and locally sourced environmentally-safe materials.

3. Digital Office: Integration of IoT and other virtual working requirements for a futuristic and hybrid-ready environment.

Floor layout and experience was the critical part of the design framework. To get the exact visual, thematic and functional floor experience, The design team relied on different styles from Shaw Contract's Living Systems and Floor Architecture collections for the flooring needs. 


Net result: A place to unwind, recharge, and find inspiration. 

As envisioned by Team Zyeta, simplicity reigns supreme all over the new workspace, allowing one to truly appreciate the delicate touches.

As the eyes effortlessly transition from one space to another, one can feel the soft ambience that feels like a comforting embrace.

In conclusion, each element of the design orchestra contributes to productivity, tranquility, and balance, leading to a harmoniuous professional performance.


• Design: Zyeta

• Project Location: Bengaluru, India