Shaw Contract Design Awards 2023: Featuring Living Systems Collection. Designed by Liquid Space Architecture & Design.

Where tradition and modernity merge through elemental floor design

 Hyderabad, India



The Client

The client is one of India’s Top-10 software exporters and has steadily achieved premium respectability in Hyderabad’s IT landscape.

As a company focused on engineering design and embedded software solutions, the company has a clean no-frills approach toward its brand identity and likewise, its offices in various geographies.

As a rapidly expanding organization, the company took up an additional and bigger space in Hyderabad and engaged with Liquid Space to do up its interiors as per set standards.


Design Approach

The brief to Liquid Space was to deliver a design that spoke to nature, as it were. The facility had to be designed as per Vaastu principles, while the overarching emphasis had to be on Biophilia.

This had to be experienced across the various functional spaces across as many floors of the building.

The idea was to create an environment that drew energy from nature-inspired interventions through  layout, placement, colours and sustainable materials. , The sustainability drive included a sincere focus on material longevity, natural light, indoor greenery, and others.   


Executing the vision

The Liquid Space team went about the execution based on the core principles of sustainability, as practiced in all its projects. It was a methodical and assured approach towards being faithful to client demands as well as sustainability objectives.

The design team kept the overall space bright and soft through interesting geometric and colour patterns to segregate the floor plate into multiple zones without any physical barriers (like work zones, conference rooms, meeting and social spaces, executive cabins, corridors, etc.).

The team deployed a wide variety of appropriate tiles from Shaw Contract’s Living Systems collection to get the intended functionality, look, and underfoot comfort from each zone. 


Net result: The experiential joy of working in the new office emerged from the subtle touches of nature’s elements - water, air, earth, fire, and sky throughout the office space.

The new workspace is an ideal balance of employee wellness, respect for nature, sustainability, and functionality in one glorious corporate setting.  

• Design: Liquid Space Architecture & Design Pvt Ltd.

• Project Location: Hyderabad, India