Shaw Contract Design Awards 2023: Featuring Living Systems and Mindful Play collections. By Design Transit.

The infinite loop as an experiential design concept

 Hyderabad, India



The client’s invisible tech buzzing inside cars 

The client builds technology solutions for the automobile industry. Just like the loop icon in its logo, the solutions envelop the full vehicle and have an impact at various touchpoints in the highly-connected ecosystem comprising users, partners, and the manufacturer. They vastly enhance the experience of buying and owning a car.

Located in Mindspace IT Park in Hyderabad, the new office had to have the imprint of the company’s transformation to an agile technology establishment.

Design Transit was chosen as the design partner for the project. It was a fantastic opportunity for the firm to epitomise a new standard that would serve as a template for the client’s offices elsewhere in the world.


Design framework: The infinite experiential loop

Design Transit’s team got down to business. The first objective was to arrive at the appropriate design theme. It eventually emerged from two sources. One, inspiration from the company’s brand values and the automotive industry; and two - from the client’s logo which is an infinite experiential loop.

The concept for the space is derived from the client's logo which is of an infinite experiential loop that symbolises a dynamic, yogic, and sustainable work environment, capable of adapting itself to the challenges of the future.

For the flooring across the different spaces, the design team chose Shaw Contract's Living Systems and Mindful Play collections in varied shades and shapes.  


Execution: Effusing brand values and automotive spirit

The workspace is functionally articulated with the workspace incorporating a variety of technological tools to meet employee needs.

Collaboration spaces with different configurations were created for individual and teamwork, allowing different levels of interactions.

The collaboration space, called “The Crossroads”, is right in the middle of the office and extends as a town hall space for employees to gather and share thoughts.

To enhance the Wellness quotient, the layout was planned to allow for maximum penetration of sunlight ensuring warmth and vibrancy into the workspace. Materials like Corten steel, OSB recycled wood, and car parts were deployed to create a stylish, garage sort of environment. 


Net result: Underlining the client’s pioneering technology spirit. 

As planned, the new office brings together new ways of hybrid working, multifunctional spaces, and ergonomics along with organic interventions.

It exemplifies the client’s technological advancements in its field with a rustic, vibrant, and natural material palette while keeping human wellness in the forefront. It also validates state-of-the-art and futuristic innovations enclosed within a joyful environment.

Shaw Contract would like to thank Design Transit and the client for choosing Shaw Contract for the flooring needs. 


• Design: Design Transit

• Project Location: Hyderabad, India