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A curated collection of Innovations wallcoverings that will pair perfectly with our flooring. With everything from natural wovens to luxe textiles and elevated vinyls, Innovations’ versatile assortment explores materiality and technique without compromising durability. Preview online and we’ll send your wallcovering selects along with your flooring samples.


Alentejo captures the essence of Innovations’ stunning cork veneer wallcoverings in a durable, affordable Type II vinyl alternative.

Made almost entirely of linen, and named for a region known for the same, Antwerp fills a wall with free-flowing vertical pleats.

Subtly iridescent, Arpora’s horizontal, grasscloth-like texture lends authenticity to residential and hospitality spaces with the durability of a Type II vinyl wallcovering.

Inspired by the iconic Chanel jacket with its loop yarn construction, Boucle reinvents the appearance of timeless luxury for the walls. With its long-lasting design and durable composition, this Type II vinyl offers an elegant solution for any interior.

Type II vinyl Current creates a ripple effect for the wall with a vertical, micro-texture and pearlescent finish.

The embossed, crosshatched “yarns” of this Type II vinyl wallcovering give it a minimalist texture appropriate for a wide range of applications.

Foundation’s Type II construction and subtle, horizontal texture make this wallcovering ideal for hospitality interiors, corridors to guest rooms.

Reminiscent of sound waves and tie-dye, Frequency feels soft to the touch with the dynamic presence of a rock star. The popular pattern is named after Led Zeppelin’s greatest hits.

Naturally glamorous, Gilded Cork seamlessly blends the look and feel of cork with a lustrous finish, adding luxury to well-designed interior spaces.

Inspired by the look and feel of linen, yet not a direct interpretation, Type II vinyl Grit suggests a soft surface with heathered printing and textural embossing.

The ribbed “yarns” of this embossed Type II vinyl wallcovering are layered in intricate relief with a dynamic, angular design.

Reminiscent of a pleated textile wallcovering, Lille features linen-like embossing and printing for a soft look with the contract durability of a Type II vinyl.

Macau marries a heavy-duty Type II vinyl construction with the subtle sheen, natural color palette and heathered look of a fine-textured linen wallcovering.

The tailored, canvas-like “yarns” of this embossed Type II vinyl wallcovering mimic the natural look of linen for a durable, affordable alternative.

A unique vertical pattern, inspired by a textile with metallic glints, Type II vinyl Marrakesh captivates the eye with rich colors designed to evoke a Moroccan souk.

Mayfair’s luxurious materials – gilt printing and cork veneers on a base of metallic paper – make an exquisite addition to any wall.

A rich plane of hand-applied cork offers glimmering geometry to create a firm backdrop of interest for your space. Metallic accents peek from the colored cork ground to bring elegant panache to the textured surface.

Mist’s soft, organic quality suggests a landscape obscured by fog... or a memory by time. The Type II vinyl wallcovering’s a gentle visual texture for the wall.

Nebula’s fibrous texture resembles a canopy of bare branches, transforming any space with the performance expected of a Type II vinyl wallcovering.

The perfect backdrop for any modern space, Norwegian Wood merges the practicality of a Type II vinyl with the sophistication of a natural wood veneer.

Pixel’s textured design resembles the look and feel of a dimensional textile in a Type II vinyl. The pattern finds balance with a colorization that ranges from soft pastels to rich jewel tones.

Modeled after a variegated sisal wallcovering, this Type II vinyl grasscloth is designed for every situation, from hospitality to commercial to residential.

Province offers the timeless and simple elegance of silk in a durable vinyl composition. The heavily embossed texture and delicate nuances of color ensure endless versatility.

Modeled after a silk textile, durable Type II vinyl wallcovering Rangoon Silk features a delicate texture and color striations for a natural aesthetic.

Sabah’s gradated, constantly changing colors are the result of natural variations in abaca fibers, woven and knotted in this expressive wallcovering.

A longstanding classic, Saigon is a vinyl interpretation of a painted grasscloth. From pattern to color, this elevated Type II vinyl offers timeless style while nurturing a soothing atmosphere where it matters most.

A pattern about deconstruction and process, Splice started as an original painting that the Design Studio cut into strips and gave new life as a collage.