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Let's Create, Together

StudioOne is here for you with inspiration, thought-starters and tools to fuel your next project. It’s all about saving time so you have more of it to do what you love. Let’s start.

“Color is a power which directly influences the soul.”

— Wassily Kandinsky


Palette Play

Our thoughtfully curated palettes combine color, pattern, texture and materials. We make it easy to browse and refine your search for the perfect products for your project.

 Let's Explore 


We hunted down the best of the best fabrics, paint and wallcovering to complement our flooring.


Explore our range of floor plans and layouts and see where it takes your own design process.


Gaze into our crystal ball and explore the must-have looks that will influence design’s biggest ideas.


“You can’t use up creativity.
The more you use, the more you have.”

— Maya Angelou


Bring Your Ideas to Life

Explore our range of intuitive design tools that allow you to visualize flooring in your space.

Design Tools

Create virtual, interactive material palettes while visualizing and organizing all of your ideas in one place.

 Create a Board

See it all come together with our View in My Room tool. Just upload a pic of your space and select the flooring you wish to see in it.

See it Now

We created our Foundry tool to help you visualize colors and patterns of your own creation.

Start Creating

There’s nothing quite like the real thing.

Order samples to view different flooring, sizes and colors in your space. Order today and you’ll have them tomorrow.


Design Resources

Our team is here to make your job easier. We will meet your needs wherever you are in the design process.

One-on-One Resources

In need of personalized project design support? Our team of interior designers understands the world of design as well as we do the flooring that will ground your space.


Need specific help visualizing an idea in space? Let our visualization team create 2D and 3D renderings of your space, as well as estimating and budgeting support for your project. Easier-than-ever ideas to reality.


Have an idea for one-of-a-kind flooring? We can help design bespoke flooring products to bring your dreams to life.


Who says there are no easy answers?

Our virtual material specialists are here to answer technical questions and provide product recommendations.

Need product quickly? Our live inventory filters give you visibility into all available stock.