Enhance the Customer Experience with Flooring

We make a Smarter Impact in the retail space by optimizing flooring for customer experience. We’re transforming the retail space into an engaging and inviting experience. 

What if flooring could attract and engage customers?

Retail is a complex market in which brands must compete with their own online presence. The act of shopping, whether at a mall or pop-up store, must provide a physical experience that engages and rewards. Retail design creates a tactile exchange between goods and consumer while encouraging brand loyalty.

Flooring is the canvas on which traffic is directed through pattern, color and texture, making subliminal visual cues that create sections without building walls—the backdrop to increased sales and customer satisfaction. 

Of the top 50 U.S.-based retailers, 38 have specified Shaw Contract products, relying on designs that are proven to service the demanding retail market. From specialty apparel boutiques and grocery stores to salons to large-format mass merchants, Shaw Contract designs floors that turn retail spaces into destinations of choice.

Community Collection

Create a Retail Space as Unique as Your Brand

Retail spaces require diverse solutions. As a total flooring solutions provider, Shaw Contract offers a wide range of products including hardwood, resilient, broadloom, carpet tile, rugs, and accessories. Layer them together to create warmth and texture in a holistic experience.

Retail Collections

Elevate the Spaces Your Customers Encounter 

Commercial-grade rugs create a vibrant sense of place.

Engineered hardwood has the power to bring warmth, familiarity, and tactility to retail spaces.

An award-winning carpet collection that brings the feeling of home to workplace

Inspired by natural materials, each style and colorway creates a palette of neutrals and colors.

Tradition meets technology in Tailored woven LVT, a combination of sophistication and practicality.

Taking cues from timeless fabrics, this lushly tactile collection reinterprets them to create an evolving story of pattern and texture.


Understanding Sound in Retail Spaces

Sound can make or break the effectiveness of a building. Hard surface flooring while durable can drastically increase noise transference often chasing customers away by disrupting their experience of the space. Understanding sound from the beginning of a project can help you and your client avoid negative customer experiences.​

To learn more about the impacts of sound, contact your local Shaw Contract Account Manager to schedule our CEU; Acoustics, Flooring and the Built Environment.


Everything is Connected

At Shaw Contract, we take a holistic approach to sustainability, because everything we do each day has an impact. We create responsibly manufactured flooring to support the human experience and a healthier planet.

Retail Categories

Our Retail segment provides solutions for:

Retail stores

Grocery stores



Fitness centers

Movie theaters


Solutions for any Retail Space

Our Sound Advisor™ tool gives you the ability to select the ideal flooring combination and hear the acoustic difference between flooring types.

Shaw Contract’s robust moisture mitigation tools include slab preparation, adhesives, and carpet tile to work with your moisture issues, not against it.

More than 80% of our orders ship from inventory, and with millions of square feet of product made to stock, we’ll help keep your project on time, every time.

Let our single-source-of-contact manage your flooring logistics, forecasting, stocking, and job site deliveries. Shaw Contract removes the hassle and maximizes results.

Diverse retail spaces require diverse solutions. We offer a wide range of products including hardwood, resilient, broadloom, carpet tile, area rugs, and accessories.

Year after year, Shaw Contract receives numerous awards celebrating product design excellence and sustainable leadership practices.

The Backpacker by Greenleaf Architects, featuring Terrain II Rigid Core 4125V in color Grove 00769

The Backpacker

The Backpacker, Mandeville, Louisiana’s newest retail addition, replicates the look and feel of the great outdoors. Thoughtfully designed to encourage exploration and inspire experiences, The Backpacker features Louisiana's largest selection of adventure gear and more.