EcoLogix® ES Custom Backing

EcoLogix® ES carpet tile cushion backing and attached adhesive system is Cradle to Cradle Certified® Bronze. A sustainable alternative to urethane and PVC cushion backing systems, EcoLogix® ES tile is made with 100% post-consumer recycled content, each square yard contains approximately 56 recycled PET plastic bottles.  With four times better lamination strength,  it resists compression providing better long-term comfort and support and adding enhanced ergonomic benefits. 

EcoLogix® ES tile is a breathable backing that allows moisture to rise and evaporate through the seams of the tile, alleviating most slab-based moisture concerns. Additionally, EcoLogix® ES tile improves acoustics, both floor-to-floor and in-room sound absorption, versus standard carpet tile and hard surface flooring.


The attached peel-and-stick thermoplastic hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive is releasable and re-attachable.  The attached adhesive reduces down time on a project allowing you to move into a space faster, it can be walked on right after it is rolled.  EcoLogix® ES eliminates the need for additional adhesives and has a lower VOC than most traditional wet adhesives.   


Backing Layers

  1. Face YarnEcoSolution Q® fiber provides long lasting durability and stain resistance.
  2. Primary BackingHigh-strength primary backing adds dimensional stability to the product.
  3. High Performance Precoat High-performance precoat provides maximum tuft bind, ensuring all tufts stay in place.     
  4. Thermoplastic CompoundThermoplastic Compound laminate bonds the carpet face with the backing for superior strength against delamination.
  5. Fiberglass ReinforcementFiberglass Reinforcement creates unmatched stability.
  6. Thermoplastic CompoundThermoplastic Compound bonds the matrix pad to the above layers.
  7. Matrix PadUses 100% post-consumer recycled PET plastic bottles to help consume waste plastics into a beautiful solution. This cushion is bonded to previous layers, creating comfort underfoot. This matrix pad allows moisture dissipation from the subfloor beneath the carpet tile.
  8. ESPressure-sensitive hotmelt adhesive with releasable liner.