Ultraloc® MPC Custom Backing

Ultraloc® MPC attached cushion backing is ideal for carpets with large-scale designs, providing superior pattern matching and durability due to its high-strength enriched polymer laminated to a woven secondary backing. The enriched laminating compound improves resistance to edge ravel and delamination. This backing contains 60%+ bio-renewable content. Constructed for underfoot comfort, Ultraloc® MPC provides support with unmatched durability and ergonomic benefits. 

Ultraloc® MPC is warranted by a lifetime commercial warranty for tuft bind/zippering, delamination, edge ravel, pattern matching of seams and moisture management. The backing system provides superior tuft bind strengths and will not separate from the face carpet. This carpet will not edge ravel when seams are properly sealed and, when installed properly, allows for pattern matching regardless of pattern repeat size. Ultraloc® MPC provides a high performance top-down moisture barrier, keeping liquid spills above the pre-coat layer for a minimum of 24 hours as tested under the British Spill Test. 


Backing Layers

  1. Face Yarn -EcoSolution Q® fiber provides long lasting durability and stain resistance.
  2. High-Strength Primary Backing- locks the tufts in and maintains pattern integrity.
  3. Reactive Polyurethane Precoat - Provides tuft bind, adhesion for the secondary backing and has pattern matching capabilities. Along with a moisture barrier passing the British Spill test.
  4. High-Density Polyurethane Foam Cushion - Attached cushion adds comfort underfoot
  5. Woven Secondary Backing - helps maintain dimensional stability.