Metal Transition

TrimMaster™ Metal Transition Strips

Specifically designed to offer a superior finish option for commercial projects, this trim is engineered with a durable aluminum alloy that ensures long-lasting performance.

3.5 mm Reducer

 Satin Silver – 140CA
Satin Nickel – 141CA
Matte Black - 142CA

3.5 mm Square Cap

 Satin Silver – 137CA
Satin Nickel – 138CA
Matte Black - 139CA

5.5 mm Square Cap

 Satin Silver – 128CA
Satin Nickel – 129CA
Matte Black - 130CA

8mm Square Cap

 Satin Silver – 119CA
Satin Nickel – 120CA
Matte Black - 121CA

3.5 mm Tmold

 Satin Silver – 143CA
Satin Nickel – 144CA
Matte Black - 145CA

5.5 mm Tmold

 Satin Silver – 134CA
Satin Nickel – 135CA
Matte Black - 136CA

8mm Tmold

 Satin Silver – 125CA
Satin Nickel – 126CA
Matte Black - 127CA

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Key Features

  • Patent pending tap down feature to accommodate multiple heights

  • 3 sizes, 3 profiles, 3 accent colors to meet almost every flooring installation need

  • Easy installation with construction adhesive or screws; also works with floating floor assembly

  • Sleek subtle design with neutral colors to complement any flooring color

  • Scuff and scratch resistant

  • Install with glue down or floating floors

  • 10 Year Warranty


TrimMaster­™ Installation

Watch this helpful video tutorial about installation.

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