Selecting the Right Carpet

Understanding the factors of a carpet specification is key to selecting the product that will best performce in your unique commercial environment.


 Construction is how the carpet is tufted, determining appearance, texture and performance. Carpet constructions can impact appearance by effectively camouflaging wear and signs of usage.


 Fiber impacts performance and maintenance. The fiber can help you determine proper usage based on anticipated foot traffic and frequency of maintenance.

Dye Method

 The dye method is the process of coloring fiber. This impacts appearance retention by influencing colorfastness, ensuring the color remains vibrant and doesn't fade easily.


 Backing is the material that forms the back of the carpet, regardless of the construction type. Backing preserves the structural integrity of the product, ensuring its durability and longevity.


 Implementing a maintenance plan can extend the carpet's lifespan beyond the duration covered by its warranty.

Want more information?

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