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Nantong Plant

(Plant CN)

Representing a long-term investment in APAC, Plant CN features new machinery with the latest, industry-leading technology. Imported raw materials ensure globally consistent products that adhere to the same high standards worldwide.


Nantong Plant Interior

Offering An Extensive Range Of 33 Flooring Collections With 96 Styles, Serving 20 Countries In The APAC Region

Plant Features

On top of the standard 4-6 week production lead time, we also have our quickship carpet tile selections that are available at a 2-week production lead time, and an instock programme for both carpet tile and hard surface that could be shipped out immediately to anywhere in APAC.

We offer one of the industry’s most comprehensive ranges of award-winning designs that are curated specifically for projects in APAC. These include carpet tiles, luxury & engineered vinyl tiles (LVT & EVT), and rugs, with more than a thousand colourways.

Our Plant CN is carbon-neutral and LEED NC Silver certified, and all of our carpet tiles manufactured here are Cradle-to-Cradle certified. At the global level, Shaw Industries is also a signatory of the United Nations Global Compact – the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative.

Our seasoned Asia-based team of customer service, warehousing, logistics and inside sales expertise ensure your projects are services timely and attentively across APAC time zones.

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Manufacturing For APAC With Global Consistency

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Nantong Plant Reception

Nantong Plant

Featured Collections

Sacred geometry. Meticulously plotted diagrams. Charted experimentation. The hierarchy of Noble Materials revealed.

he Haven collection reimagines home as a mood, an idea, a quality of comfort and familiarity that feeds our instinctual desire to feel grounded in the world.

The place where land, sky, water, and horizon meet is always shifting. As landscapes change, our natural world adapts. So it is in the spaces we occupy.

What’s overhead is as important as what’s underfoot. In the forest, a canopy is nature’s balcony to the sky. Anchoring the clouds, the forest provides structure and rhythm.

Living Systems mirrors nature, responds to be adaptive, transforms outlooks, and co-creates a living system for all interior spaces.

Campus is a system of carpet tiles that interweave the strands of creativity, contemplation and collaboration with artistic intent to deliver designs that reflect the spirit of the modern campus.

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Flooring Collections From Nantong Plant

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