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Function Meets Beauty

Flooring provides critical support for the environments where we create communities. At Shaw Contract, we aim to make a Smarter Impact by creating products that enhance the human experience - from the resident to the care provider to the owner.

How Can Flooring Create Culture and Community?

The idea of aging lifestyles has shifted from a singular mission of care, to creating communities. While the need for all levels of physical care will never cease to exist, these environments are being balanced by master plans to provide enhanced social connectedness, readiness of services, helpful technology and a focus on independence for residents. 

Whether the community is a high-density locale, a home suited for multiple generations, or a full continuing care retirement community, Shaw Contract flooring provides the foundation for all levels of public and living space. Our expertise brings beauty, value, and durability to these communities.


Renaissance on Peachtree

Influenced by Hospitality

Residents have many choices, and often the deciding factor lies in the look and feel of a community. These spaces are blending home and hotel, working to blend a tranquil space with a retreat oasis. 


Lush Life

Senior Living Collections

Step into Longevity

A collection designed for hospitable senior living environments.

Natural influences inspire this carpet and sheet collection.

Modern refinement, timeless performance for Senior Living.

Senior Living Categories



Our Senior Living segment provides solutions for:

Active Adult Communities

Assisted Living 

Continuing Care Communities

Independent Living

Nursing Homes


Solutions for Health 

and Well-Being

We design using the Cradle to Cradle® philosophy to focus on material health, material reutilization, renewable energy, and carbon management.

Installing our polish-optional LVT or sheet eliminates the need for stripping and waxing, keeping spaces operational during maintenance and cleaning.

Consideration of ergonomics, thermal comfort, and acoustics isn't just for the residents.


In an environment that provides care, safety is paramount. Falls are a common and devastating complication of long term living for elderly patients. Falls can be the result of changes in muscles and bones, vision changes, sensitivity to glare, and/or decreasing depth perception, balance problems, or medications that affect coordination.


Eklutna Estates

Design is a communication tool. Culture, language and age can present obstacles, so design must ‘speak’ in non-verbal ways, using primary senses.