Environmental Product Declaration

Shaw Contract has completed EPDs for many of our flooring products. These documents, which are based on our full product lifecycle analyses, can be used to understand the embodied carbon footprint of a product as well as contribute to green building certification schemes.

Measuring our Footprint

An Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) provides a standardised way to communicate transparent information about the life-cycle environmental footprint of products, beyond just our flooring products’ ingredients. It measures a product's impact on global warming, ozone depletion, water pollution, smog creation, acid rain, and primary energy demand.

Manufacturers like us use the results of a Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) to understand how every aspect of our product's creation processes impact the environment. This process helps us identify how we can continually evolve with our carbon footprint in mind. EPDs are independently verified.

Find Your Product's EPD

To find an EPD for your project visit the respective product page.