Lifelong Learners

Many architects and designers are required to engage in Continuing Education Units or CEUs to sharpen their skills and improve their perspectives on specific subjects. Even if you are not, we are here to equip you with value-added education modules from our in-house or partner experts.

Learn and Engage

Our carefully curated modules are ideal opportunities to find inspiration, learn about technical solutions for the built environment or the impact of materiality on our well-being.

We can arrange physical lunch-and-learns or provide these modules virtually in our popular, on-demand Smarter Impact webinar series in APAC.  

Lunch-and Learns and Webinars

Current Modules

Explore color trends that have evolved from our environment, the Earth, creativity, and how we engage with a community.

Design a soundscape that encourages positive emotional and physical responses in the built environment.

Learn about the journey from natural fibres to aesthetic materials that are both planet- and human health-friendly.

Celebrate the 100th anniversary of Bauhaus, one of the most avant-garde schools of all time; and how flooring can pay homage to such!

Learn about what it means to embrace the human-centric thinking in interior design, and the latest trends in the industry!

Learn more about resilient flooring’s durability, performance, innovations, and health considerations.


Contact your Account Manager to schedule your next face-to-face Lunch-and-Learns.