2023 Design Awards

Best of Globe Winners Announced!

2023 Design Awards

Best of Region Winners Announced!

This is not

our story.

We are only the canvas.

Neutral is Not Enough.

The world needs a collective journey beyond carbon and towards circularity.

Over 500,000m2 available In Stock in Australia

Speed of delivery and exceptional choice come together using our Australian In Stock program

With over 500,000 square metres of carpet tile and resilient products In Stock In Australia, we’ll help keep your project on time, every time.
From base build products, to high design collections; we have a solution for every segment and project need!

2023 Design Awards

Entries now closed! Winners announced in September.

Now in its 18th year, this awards program is our chance to look through the Design Optimist lens at spaces that inspire new ways of working, learning, healing, and thriving.



New Collection

Designed with the end in mind.​ BottleFloor, a new, innovative flooring made​ from post-consumer PET bottles, is the first​ Shaw Contract collection to launch on the​ flooring platform, ReWorx™. This hybrid flooring solution combines the​ durability of a hard surface with the comfort​ of a soft surface. A total PET product that​ can be reused and recycled back into itself,​ BottleFloor merges innovation in product​ performance, materiality and circularity.


Nordic LVT

In Stock In Australia

The Nordic LVT Collection combines commercial durability with the timeless appeal of Nordic design in a collection of 14 wood visuals. Inspired by the soothing and tranquil Nordic style, this collection is designed to complement any interior scheme with endless design possibilities. 


West Elm + Shaw Contract 

Selected Styles & Colours In Stock In Australia!

West Elm style meets Shaw Contract performance. We find ourselves at the intersection of modern design and community—where the boundaries have become inextricably intertwined. And in that space, we’ve forged a collaboration that feels like home.


People Together, Planet Forever

At the heart of Shaw Contract we design products to create a better, fairer future. 

To achieve this we are actively designing solutions with our customers in the areas of Material Health, Circularity, Carbon, and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion.

Everybody counts.