Global Design Dialogue

Our Shaw Contract Global Design Dialogue series is here to help us understand how we all can design to be Human Centric, Insight Led and Optimistic.

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I like outside colors and inside colors. So if I'm outside, my absolute favorite color is the color of the sky. Just after sunset, again, in my culture, it's called the gloaming. So the sky turns kind of this electric blue and there's a little purple in it. It's just electric and it's really fantastic.

And my other favorite outside color is the color of the deep end of my pool. It's just incredible, aqua. And I know if I'm seeing that, I'm probably a really happy camper.

Kara MacGregor | MAC Interior Design


We always look at nature for inspiration, it comes from plants, colours, sunsets, rivers, mountains and all surrounds. We have applied many aspects of Neuroarchitecture, and for me, thisis one of the most thoughtful project that we have done and I am very proud of it

Pablo Redondo | Chile

The emotional changes that go through six months of the year when it's below minus 20 is insane, but also locality is more than what your Province looks like. It's really what your surroundings do to shape the people within the Province itself

Nicole Kell | StudioEn


Human Connection

Our human-centered approach to service naturally combines with the goal to make a Smarter Impact for our clients in all that we do.