VITA&MAS - GNC Headquarters

Design for Wellness Semi-Open Office – Semi-Open and transparent offices build a community of more effective collaborators and build trust between a team. In addition to allowing the effective exchange of challenges, ideas and solutions in an easy way within the company. Variable Lighting - 2 types of lighting were selected for work environments and common areas. For work environments neutral light was implemented and warm light for common areas to relief from eye-strain caused from computer long-term usage.

The use of an open circulation has been designed to facilitate the flow of natural sunlight and flood work areas. Organized-Intuitive Spaces – Studies have determined that the organization of space in an intuitive way considerably reduces the daily stress within an office. The circulation has been centralized offering a change in textures and light to differentiate them. Each department and division can be effectively identified. Work station areas, creative space areas, meeting rooms and department head offices are all carpeted using Shaw Contract tiles for acoustic benefits.

Less is more - The focus on generating a sober design and well identified areas allows an environment that promotes order and cleanliness. All common areas have been minimally identified to avoid clutter. All corporate signage has been limited to avoid excess visual stimuli on employees. Sustainable Design - 3 R's of sustainability, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Several on-site materials were reused, such as laminated floors, mirrors, bathroom fixtures, and other construction materials to reduce waste and environmental impact.

The vast majority of existing materials demolished were recycled. 100% of the lighting implemented uses low energy consuming LED fixtures. Carpets have been installed in all office areas with the highest sustainability properties, certified by Cradle-to-Cradle, PVC-Free and LEED Certified. These approaches to sustainable design in offices are undoubtedly pioneering strategies in the region, focused on the wellbeing of its occupants.


Guatemala, Guatemala

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    2018 Design Award Category Winner