Architectus Melbourne Studio

Collaboration is the core idea for Architectus’ new studio; an idea expressed through shared spaces which effortlessly combine commercial and residential typologies, creating a warm and inviting workplace. Deliberate planning around the central hub and consideration of light, furniture and form attribute to the overall experiences of ‘creating’ and ‘wellbeing’.

The building’s underlying structure is celebrated by stripping it back, exposing original construction services and building details from 1983. The raw details are layered and divided by timber, textural carpet tiles, translucent curtains and task specific lighting, transpiring in an inspiring agile work environment.

Designed to convey a relaxed and welcoming environment, and placing importance on wellbeing, the workspace also needed to provide the team members with many opportunities to choose how they would like to work and live within the studio. More people work in a flexible arrangement; therefore, workspace design needs to originate with teamwork, support diversity, and encourage wellbeing.


Melbourne, Australia

Design Firm



  • Midsize Office
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    relief tile