Churchlands Senior High School Major Additions

The Churchlands SHS Major Additions project was completed to meet the needs of future generations in Perth’s growing Western Suburbs. Churchlands Senior high school has quickly become one of the largest public schools in Western Australia, bringing with it a range of challenges with respect to both the facility and the pedagogy.

One of the major design principles for Churchlands SHS Major Additions was the creation of a ‘campus’ feel – similar to that of a University – whereby learning areas promote creativity and connectivity. This methodology also aims to break down the traditional hierarchy of the student-teacher relationship, encouraging communication, embracing more relaxed, adaptive learning styles and an equality and mutual respect between students and teachers.

The intended use for the space is for groups of students to work together without supervision and are in essence a flexible extension of the classroom. Teachers are free to utilise these spaces to suit the student’s needs, as rewards for good behaviour, performance or as a zone for one-on-one or small group teaching.


Perth, Australia

Design Firm

Bateman Architects


  • K-12
  • Collection

    Color Frame and Color Form
    Light Series
    Material Matters

    Products Used

    absorbed tile
    color frame tile
    vibrant tile
    haze tile