Inspiration from the body creates office with a heart

The human heart plays many different vital roles to keep each of us healthy and thriving – and this heart-inspired office delivery also achieves just that. Flexibility is a key feature of this new and improved corporate headquarters, where employees are encouraged to use every crevice to meet their needs. Colourful breakout spaces reign - turning otherwise disused corners and walls into key places for informal meetings, quiet work zones or places to take a quick rest.

Shaw Contract’s Hexagon carpet tiles are the pin that holds this design piece together. Laid in a DNA-inspired sequence, the tile provides employees with a natural flow and sense of unified purpose and direction. It acts as a clear signal to staff: This organisation does not mind where you set up your workstation for the day or where and how you decide to collaborate, but we all share the same goals and we are all working to achieving them together.


Melbourne, Australia

Design Firm

A1 Office


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