Noma Consulting
Melbourne, AU
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A1 Office
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Huntingdale, AU
Lisa Atkinson

Project Description

Being global engineers of underground tunnels; Noma Consulting was specifically designed to be a high-end industrial and homely space that is reminiscent of their earthly work. With curvature at every turn, including a 'tunnel' hallway connecting two separate workspaces; their head office was designed to be a distinctively ‘Noma’ experience. Our first step in sustainable design is to use what’s inherently there and make this work for the space. Exposing the original brick facade provides the Noma space with a cool underground feel, despite being four levels high in a historic 100 year old building in Melbourne's CBD. Natural elements of a rock facade and moss wall, contrast the exposed fire and mechanical services with sustainable timber flooring. This in turn achieves a sleek industrial design. Given sustainability, natural elements and colours were of high importance, Shaw Contract’s carpet was a critical factor to consider in the final look. A favourite choice for Shaw Contract’s sustainable company processes; The Pewter (50515) colour - reminded us of rocks and sand, elements that Noma Consulting uses daily. It was only fitting that this be used in the main boardroom and the CEO’s office. Shaw Contract’s carpet beautifully fit our sustainable and natural design for Noma Consulting. Because we inherently design green, our sustainability ethos of maximising natural light and air ventilation for those who inhabit the space, provides for a comfortable experience. Moreover our work on the Noma space required an upgrade to the building’s systems, creating a lower energy footprint and cleaner, quieter environment for inhabitants. The modern open-plan staff kitchen boasts custom street graffiti and best practice energy efficient appliances. Featuring both breakout and mixed-use collaboration areas, Noma Consulting was designed with the idea that as a head office of a global organisation, it needed to be a place where staff from around the world would come together. Employees were to discover a progressive ‘Noma’ experience and feel at ease, comfortable and connected. Making the complex simple is what Noma Consulting does best and with A1 Office’s design, so too does its head office. Big thinking into the small sustainable details is reflective of the sophisticated work of Noma Consulting. The sustainable design ensures sophisticated thought looks and feels simply beautiful, high-end, seamless and homely. The result is a distinctively ‘Noma’ experience for all inhabitants, a seamless and sustainable space that leaves them empowered to complete tasks in an inspiring and ‘natural’ environment, reminiscent and connected to their underground and on-site workers.