Purpose and Belonging

The places where we work, play, learn and heal are blending, becoming more flexible and multi-functional. Assembly represents a thoughtful approach to the floor that reflects the evolving needs of our interior environments. It sets the foundation for impactful moments, encouraging conversation, collaboration and a sense of belonging. Assembly is meant to encourage meaningful interactions at the intersection of community, people and place.

Assembly was created with flexibility in mind, offering the possibility to design with a systematic approach to yield unique and thoughtful installations. Shifting accent placements lend additional character to the collection. Maintain a consistent accent colour while changing the neutral base. Maintain a consistent neutral base while utilising multiple accent colours.

Designed for Flexible Spaces

Assembly is a system of products thoughtfully designed to work individually or in unison. Combine pattern, scale and accents to promote wayfinding, brand identity and flexible spaces.

Click on one of the three floors below to see how Assembly styles and colourways can connect throughout the entire workplace.

Benching Floor 1 Conference Floor 2 Social Hub Floor 3