Find Your Joy

Joy Squared, a 24 x 24 in | 61 x 61 cm LVT, is more than joyful colors. It brings an exponential number of possibilities to create catalyzing learning environments with cheerful colorways and a simple shape to use as a building block throughout.

Joy Squared was inspired by the spontaneous and joyous moments of our youth. Whether it's the smell of a crisp autumn day, the sight of colorful balloons, or the feel of cool water moving beneath your feet on a hot summer day, these are the euphoric experiences that shaped our impressionable years.

Joy Squared works to build school spirit within the collection, and through connecting to other products for a cohesive appearance and complementary colorways within an individual space or across campus. The colorways in Joy Squared were selected based on a color-study of school logos from around the world. We added in burgundy, forest green, and gold to round out our color offering, while working to coordinate to other products within our offering, such as Kindred carpet tile and Mindful Play for a cohesive aesthetic and simpler buying experience.

The line variation and texture within the abstract visual were designed to support long-term wear within demanding environments, while still creating visual interest and movement. The collection's construction aids in protection from wear and tear within demanding environments through pairing a 20 mil wear layer with ExoGuard+TM top coat.

Cost of Ownership

Joy Squared features Shaw Contract’s ExoGuard+™, a polish-optional finish that can reduce the cost of annual maintenance compared to that of a standard polish VCT. On average, a polish-optional LVT can result in a 67% cost savings after 10 years on the floor, at roughly $1.13 USD cost savings per square foot freeing up valuable maintenance stuff time that can be spent on other pressing projects. Check out Shaw Contract’s cost of ownership calculator for insights.