EcoWorx backing + EcoSolution Q100™ Fibre

Optimised for Low Embodied Carbon & Carbon Neutral

Low Embodied Carbon Flooring

EcoSolution Q100™ is a yarn system that offers 100 percent post-industrial recycled content allocated from waste minimisation and collection efforts. 

Products with EcoSolution Q100™ have low embodied carbon as reflected in the EC3 tool and are carbon neutral. Through operational enhancements in manufacturing, to material selection and use of additional recycled content, we have achieved lowering the cradle-to-gate carbon footprint of EcoWorx/EcoSolution Q100 carpet tile from 12.1 kg CO2 equivalent (2016) to 4.7 kg CO2 equivalent (2021); giving us a 61% improvement in the Global Warming Potential.

Majority of the EcoWorx products sold in Australia and New Zealand use this EcoSolution Q100™ fibre, and are therefore optimised for low embodied carbon.




Our Product Carbon Footprint

Our planet has finite resources. We aspire to give back more than we take and continually innovate on ways to address climate change.

We continuously innovate to find ways to lower our carbon impact. This includes optimising operations, materials and products, to reduce our operational and embodied carbon footprint. Learn more about how we calculate our operational and embodied carbon footprint, as well as our efforts toward carbon neutrality.

EcoSolution Q100™ is a high performance nylon fiber with 100% pre-consumer content.* Products with EcoSolution Q100™ have low embodied carbon as reflected in the EC3 tool and are carbon neutral.

Shaw has achieved carbon neutrality in our commercial carpet operations (since 2018).

We also have reduced our greenhouse gas (GHG) intensity by 40% compared to 2010 (per pound of finished product).

As a result of Shaw’s investments to help reduce our energy and GHG impact, we have cut our Scope 1 & 2 emissions by more than half since our 2010 baseline.

Shaw Contract joined this momentous effort in September 2018, and we report our progress annually.

In 2013, Shaw installed a 1 megawatt solar array atop its carpet tile manufacturing facility in Cartersville, GA (Plant 15), which generates enough clean energy to power 100 homes in Georgia annually.


People Together, Planet Forever

When we talk about sustainability we join the causes of people and planet together, social and environmental concerns combined.

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