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We offer a variety of adhesive and epoxy products to maximize your floor's lifetime and beauty.

LokDots + LokWorx are a pressure sensitive adhesive for the installation of EcoWorx® and Strataworx carpet tile.

LokSeam is a clear polyester polyurethane that is a simple, strong and safe system to join carpet and resilient products together — eliminating the need for transitions strips.

We offer two types of stair treads; standard and luminous. These are both made of rubber and used as a slip resistant floor covering.

We offer a variety of Transitions from our sleek low profile Finish to Universal transitions that provide a safe and durable option for moving from one flooring surface to another.

Cushion and underlayment technologies can drastically improve commercial environments by increasing underfoot comfort, changing the acoustic soundscape, lowering leg fatigue, and reducing the risks of slips and falls

We offer rubber base and accessories epitomize flexibility, durability, and reliability. Four profile options of wall base meet strict specifications and stringent environmental demands.

A fashion-forward wallcovering that improves interior acoustics for commercial and operable wall applications.

Heat welding is currently the most accepted method for seaming resilient sheet products within hospital construction.

Shaw Contract uses market-leading expertise to bring a thoughtful approach to flooring solutions, including those that rethink what a floor can do.

Soft & hard surface options. Meets or exceeds ALL industry standards for static control. Controls a broad range of static problems; nuisance shocks to catastrophic failure of electronic components and equipment

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