Style: 4112V


Collection: eon and amalgam

Size: 50 cm x 50 cm | 20 in x 20 in

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  • Rift


  • Strata


  • Epoch


  • Metamorphic


  • Basin


  • Obsidian


Colour: Rift 12114

Inspired by marble and classical architecture, Eon’s detailed veining lends a quietly theatrical power to the space. The 5 mm thickness allows installation with carpet tile without the need for a transition strip.

  • No Transitions Needed

    No Transitions Needed

    5 mm LVT can be installed next to most carpet tiles without the need for transition strips.
  • Direct Glue or Loose Lay

    Direct Glue or Loose Lay

    The dual purpose backing construction allows for direct glue or loose lay installation for more flexibility to support the needs of the space.
  • Built to Perform

    Built to Perform

    Proper embossing, lower gloss levels and an ExoGuard™ topical finish protects against daily stains and abrasion.
  • Performs with Static and Rolling Loads

    Performs with Static and Rolling Loads

    Performs in environments with heavy static and heavy rolling loads per ASTM test methods
  • Polish-Optional Reduces Cost

    Polish-Optional Reduces Cost

    Polish-optional finish that can reduce the cost of annual maintenance.
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