Style: CA334

Distinctive Hickory

Collection: commercial hardwood

Size: 12.7 cm x 106.68 cm | 5" x 42"

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  • Defined Hickory


  • Preferential Hickory


  • Tactility Hickory


  • Superlative Hickory


  • Singular Hickory


Colour: Defined Hickory 00510

Distinctive has a unique, rustic look, with wirebrushing that highlights the mineral streaks, organic grain and subtle color variation of hickory. The wirebrushing also masks daily wear and tear while simultaneously improving the durability by removing soft spring wood from the surface, exposing the hard summer wood beneath.

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  • PVC Free

    PVC Free

    This product contains no PVC.
  • Take a Sustainable Stance

    Take a Sustainable Stance

    This product was designed with a rigorous framework for environmental and social responsibility and is Cradle to Cradle Certified™ silver.