Come Together

When we come together, we open ourselves to new places and experiences. Sharing experiences with others influences how we learn from those around us and move forward enriched by the experience. Today’s hospitality industry responds to this desire for local and global community by designing communal spaces that bring people together.

The custom broadloom collection, available in 20 patterns, combines painterly and hand-craft techniques, inspired by mosaic, weaving, embroidery and by the instinctual pattern making that derives from a collective response to selected objects and colours.

Our designers travel the globe for inspiration. This collection draws upon that immersion into other cultures, the contrasts of old and new worlds, the colours and patterns honour cultures and places that draw us together in inspiration and awaken our sense of kinship. The collection’s rich diversity and strong visual impact underscore the importance of process and how we apply that to our work and custom partnerships with our clients. For this collection we worked with a new manufacturing capability that gave us enhanced carving and texture capabilities, allowing us to experiment fully within the design concept.

The collection is a diverse, multi-layered expression of colour and pattern that echoes the resonance between design, flooring and community building. The custom broadloom offering is a companion to the other product types in this collective, comprised of carpet tile in colourpoint and loop styles, running line broadloom and rugs, and resilient flooring.