Experience Joy

As we grow, heal and learn, the information we absorb and the experiences we have are profoundly impacted by our surroundings. Joy Squared works to bring the inspiration of joyous moments into environments where students, employees, or visitors want to be. This LVT collection comes in an easy to install 24 x 24 in I 61 x 61 cm tile and uses colour to create memorable and positive experiences for the visitor. When paired with its expansive colourline, Joy Squared offers a variety of installation solutions from wayfinding to school branding to zoning.

We know from colour theory and the psychology of learning spaces that the right colour choices positively influence information retention and participation. Schools that infuse colour into spaces have seen a decrease in negative behaviours and an increase in the feeling of safety. The right colours can even contribute to improved attention span. For working environments, colour encourages productivity. (Ingrid Fetell Lee, TED 2018). We used design to provide the experience that curious minds need.

Joy Squared refers to the exponential options the square shape provides for creating dynamic environments. It offers a foundational building block for creativity in your overall flooring layout. The scale of Joy Squared, 24 x 24 in I 61 x 61 cm, is roughly 4x larger than a standard VCT tile, and offers the ability to create larger layouts for larger spaces, such as corridors or multipurpose spaces. With its large format, pair with our S150 spray adhesive for an even quicker occupancy.

Cost of Ownership

Joy Squared features Shaw Contract’s ExoGuard+™, a polish-optional finish that can reduce the cost of annual maintenance compared to that of a standard polish VCT. On average, a polish-optional LVT can result in a 67% cost savings after 10 years on the floor, at roughly $1.13 USD cost savings per square foot freeing up valuable maintenance stuff time that can be spent on other pressing projects. Check out Shaw Contract’s cost of ownership calculator for insights.