re[TURN] Reclamation Programme


We Want It Back.

Since 2006, Shaw has reclaimed and recycled almost 1 billion pounds of carpet including EcoWorx. Through our re[TURN]™ Reclamation Programme, let’s make an even Smarter Impact together. 

Closing the Loop

We are committed to partnering with our customers to design spaces with the whole product lifecycle in mind. 

Our EcoWorx products can be recycled into more EcoWorx carpet tile providing a closed loop solution for your flooring projects. Our re[TURN] Reclamation Programme makes it easy for you to get the process started.

Shaw will pick up EcoWorx products at no cost to you, bring them back to our manufacturing facilities, and turn them into the next generation of EcoWorx carpet tile. 

This keeps billions of pounds of carpet out of the landfill, reduces the amount of virgin raw materials we use, and thus reduces the products’ overall embodied carbon footprint.

Environmental Guarantee

Our EcoWorx products come with an Environmental Guarantee for free reclamation and recycling.