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Newmont by Rezen Studio

Subiaco, Australia

As the world’s leading gold miner, Newmont is widely recognised for its principled environmental, social and governance practices. The Newmont workplace reflects the culture and aspirations of the business and is a functional, flexible and forward-looking tenancy for the future that supports a ‘remote first’ approach.

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by Rezen Studio

Design Inspiration

This workplace is an example of the rapidly evolving office typology which responds to the rapid changes in the ways in which businesses are operating. Completed during the pandemic years, the workplace is positioned as a fluid social connector and place for employees to connect and identify with the business.

"I'm genuinely impressed with this project; it's quickly become one of my favourites. What stands out the most to me is the incredible comfort and cosiness it exudes. The workspace is so inviting that I'd genuinely love to work there myself. What truly sets this apart from the ordinary office environment is the thoughtful allocation of social spaces. It offers a diverse range of spaces where you can work, wander, and discover your own cosy nook. Furthermore, I appreciate the design aesthetics; it's not overly polished but rather smart and functional. I believe this is precisely why I'm so drawn to this project; truly a hybrid work club for an agile workforce."

Karen Wong / Design Director & Partner at ArchitectureFARM


A hybrid work club for an agile workforce, the workplace has a high proportion of social spaces for informal interactions as well as a suite of generous meeting rooms for more traditional modes of collaboration. The work club approach to the floor plan encourages the ‘osmosis effect’ by providing a variety of settings that support productive interaction whether casual or planned.


"The colour palette is a bold and clever choice, visually appealing but also daring and innovative. The project boasts captivating and thought-provoking forms that add a unique dimension to the spaces. Finely resolved detailing, akin to residential or public space architecture makes this a refreshing and unconventional take on workplace design." 

Amanda Moore / Associate Principal - Interior Design at Wardle


Sustainability principles were observed throughout the project, particularly through the reuse of existing furniture. Additionally, locally made and designed products feature throughout, which not only supports local industry but reduces the environmental impact that results from shipping. Low VOC paint and acoustic panels made from recycled materials also feature. Natural daylighting from the perimeter glazing has been maximised through the spatial planning to reduce the need for electric lighting and to promote wellbeing.

"I was truly impressed by the vibrant colour palette and the commitment to sustainability in this space. The innovative reuse of furniture added an intriguing layer of complexity to the design. It's quite commendable how seamlessly they integrated reused furniture into the overall aesthetic. From my perspective, this is a noteworthy achievement."

Carina Lima / Design Director at Swiss Bureau Interior Design Company Dubai


"What stands out for me is the exceptional use of colour in a medium-sized workspace. They've achieved the remarkable feat of crafting spaces that exude warmth, inviting comfort, and a homely atmosphere. It's not small achievement to strike this balance while maintaining a cohesive look, especially with such a diverse colour palette spanning the ceilings, furniture, and even the walls. Yet, it all comes together harmoniously."

Rachita Khanna / Associate Director, Design at SWBI Architects


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