The Suave - Hannover RE
Kuala Lumpur, MY
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Box Design Studio Sdn Bhd
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Kuala Lumpur, MY
Lawrence Choo

Project Description

Our project client, Hannover Re is one of the largest reinsurance groups in the world. As a well-established international organisation, it is important for their office design to reflect the company’s professionalism, values and image. Spanning across 30,000 square-feet over two storeys, this modern office at KL Eco City takes on a curvy and sleek interior that speaks suaveness and sophistication of the space. Upon entering, the floating reception island at level 32 gives off an outstanding infinity illusion. Shades of blue are reflected with gradient transition at the featured background, which brings out the dynamic statement of the corporate logo. To start off with space planning, we employ an open office layout to promote communication and teamwork within the workplace, with a mix of open spaces, retreats and collaboration areas. In order to accommodate a range of functions, formal and informal spaces have been introduced so that employees can have the best of both worlds. Oftentimes, an employee’s work requires different brain states between active group work and solitude think time. From huddle rooms to thinking pods, the variety of spaces enables quick switching between conversation and concentration. Diving into further details, it is noticeable that the curvy lines of the floor smoothly complement the ceiling design, imbuing a sense of seamless circulation along the space. To achieve effective zone segregation, we use different floor finishes to set spaces apart. Visual and textural differences indicate to users that they are entering a new space without having to build actual physical dividers. At level 31, taking centrestage is the Head of Department (HOD) section located right at the middle, for a more strategized and centralised zone planning which provides excellent access to different stations and resources around. With such island layout arrangement, we manage to take full advantage of natural daylight along the perimeter window to create a bright and airy atmosphere throughout the space. One of the delightful touches is the use of indoor greenery at the open space. This natural element not only is pleasing to the eyes and great for overall well-being, it also has the multi-function of a privacy divider with storage space. On the other hand, the selection of furniture and fittings such as the rounded lightings and stools, are thoughtfully placed to fit into the overall theme and achieve visual cohesiveness in the entire space. Further moving on, the townhall area which is just next to the cafeteria, is a massive open space of 2000 square-feet to house at least 100 pax at any one time. With such requirements in mind, we propose the idea of flexible seating options such as step seatings along the perimeter. Acoustic baffles are used for the ceiling to improve sound absorption, as well as to give off an augmented spatial illusion, making the area an engaging space to congregate for functions and events. Infusing urban working culture with innovative design elements, this avant-garde workspace has presented quite literally a well-rounded solution for our client, which in turn accurately reflects their impeccable taste and professional brand identity.