Hale Junior School by SITE Architecture | 2019 Design Awards People's Choice | Photo: Dion Robeson

Flooring for dynamic learning environments

We make a Smarter Impact by asking how floors can help us grow. We provide the foundation for environments that optimise engagement, support teaching and inspire learning.

How Can Flooring Change The Way We Learn?

When students, educators and administration feel at ease and inspired by their environment, the learning process is positively impacted. Shaw Contract provides the foundation for environments that optimise engagement, support teaching and inspire learning. 

We make it our mission to design products that serve the needs of each learning mind for clean, comfortable, engaging and safe environments where learning minds can grow. With products that serve students, staff and administration needs, we help lay lasting foundations for dynamic learning and a brighter future.


Campus Collection

Holistic Design for Learning

We ask how floors can help us grow. We provide the foundation for environments that optimise engagement, support teaching and inspire learning.



Inside Shapes Collection

Education collections

Latest In Stock Education Collections

Bauhaus-inspired carpet collection for learning environments.

Let your creativity loose- experiment with diverse hues, and make a progressive colour statement

Constructed with nuanced colour and punctuated with realistic imprints, making a strong design statement.


Flooring For Positive Outcomes

Shaw Contract’s No Rules mergeable dye lots make it easy to mix and match replacement tiles over time, without worrying about colour matching.

This non-toxic, low-VOC system is easy to apply, eliminating the mess, curing time, odor, and shipping cost of wet adhesives for immediate occupancy.


Featuring Colour Frame Tile

Frankston Primary 

by Chaulk Studio

2019 Design Awards Winner:

Breaking down the walls of the traditional classroom and helping children to think outside of the box.  


Photography by Jaime Diaz-Berrio